Sneak Preview

Wow! After my kind words about Vogue Knitting Saturday, I was surprised and thrilled to receive a lovely email from a member of VK’s editorial staff. Seems they were so pleased to receive a less-than-lukewarm review of the Fall magazine that they forwarded to me a special sneak preview of the Winter 05 issue. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

— Carol S.

Al Qaeda A Go Go: Fashion Inspired by the Intifada

The desert is hot –but there’s still room for fashionable knitwear…

Badass Balaclava By Norah Yawn

Disguise your identifying features – and make a fashion statement – with our Badass Balaclava. Knit in a hearty rib in oh-so-soft Karabella Aurora 8, our balaclava is terrifying.
Terrifyingly chic, that is.

Kaffe-iyeh By Kaffe Fassett

Knitting superstar Kaffe Fassett adds his unique touch to the traditional Arab headdress with a clever intarsia motif. Ours is done in a distinctive Kaffe palette of desert hues using lovely Rowan 4-ply Cotton; or make a Holly Golightly black-and-white version for formal wear.

Yas-sir, it’s a beaut!

Better-Than-A-Burkha Pants By Sily Chin

Fatigues, updated for the millenium. Sily Chin’s loose-fitting drawstring pants are knit with bobbins to form this violently-cool camo print. Three coordinating shades of Lion Brand Homespun do the trick in no time. You won’t have to carry a weapon when you wear these babies: you’ll be packing your own heat!

Strap Happy! By Natalia Kalashnikov

Clever, chic and functional, too, Natalia Kalashnikov’s ammo strap is knit in Cascade Fixation: cotton for warm-weather comfort, and a touch of lycra to hug those clips snugly. Machine-washable,, too, so that infidel blood is a snap to clean. Customize the length to suit the wearer. You’ll be cuter than Miss America. Or do we mean Miss Palestine?

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