A Warm Welcome and Huge Shout-out to… Me!

Howdy everyone! I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday, because my gosh-dang toe was still aching like the dickens (Note to self: Be very, very careful where you go for your next pedi.) It’s improving slo-o-o-owly. Doesn’t it look ever so much better?

So to make myself feel a leetle better, I stopped by Ewe Otter Knit — my absolute favorite LYS, as you know — at lunchtime for the first time in – well, days. My super-sized stash certainly is, uh, well-endowed enough, but that Kersti (owner of Ewe Otter Knit) is just too evil! She’s put all kinds of yummy stuff on sale. (She says it’s to make room for incoming fall yarns, but I’m starting to think she was a crack dealer in a past life, har, har) So I just couldn’t resist buying this:

Okay, well, maybe not ALL of them, but this one:

and this one:

Don’t you think the color will match my eyes?

And while I was there, I just couldn’t overlook the bin of brand-spankin’ new Koigu, now, could I? (I knew you’d agree.) I picked this lovely shade of yarny goodness,

which has all my colors in it. (I’ve been told I’m a spring, but I’m skeptical. All I know is give me blue, blue, blue – it enhances my eyes and flatters my complexion. Not bad for an old knitting broad, eh?)

Have I Mentioned My New Book?

This morning I was doing my daily Google search of my name (“A self-Google a day keeps oblivion at bay,” that’s what I always say) when I discovered that my upcoming book is already listed on Amazon! [It took six Swiffer sheets to clean the Mochalatte Grande off my monitor, LOL.] Yes, “Purls of Wisdom,” which will come out in spring of 2006, is already listed. It’s SUCH a wonderful book! And I barely wrote a word. So many touching stories of love, loss and knitting that you, my faithful readers, had the initiative and talent to put down on to paper and then, better yet, mail to me! Because we all know that I deserve to take the credit for your writing.

Anyway, if you want to pop by Amazon.com and check it out, feel free! You’ll see that it already has 5 stars. (For some reason, there weren’t any reviews of it yet, so I just reviewed it myself and gave it top marks. I was sure you, dear readers, would, right?)

And while you’re there, pop over to “Men On Dogs: Rick Santorum Knits,” which appeared in the listings last week. This is an idea for a coffee table book that I had, and technically, hee, hee, it isn’t even written yet (a few months ago, I finished “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Shameless Self-Promotion” and they suggested getting ISBN numbers for nonexistent books to make myself look more prolific – ooh, so sneaky!) but hey, I’m sure it deserves at least five stars. Remember, it takes a village to keep those Amazon ratings up!

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Mr. Richard Feder of Fort Lee, New Jersey, asks, “What kind of cast on do you prefer?”
Now, now, Richard, I know I’ve answered this one before, but…. I generally prefer the long-tail cast-on.

If I’m knitting lace (which, as you know, I do so frequently and skillfully) I may be convinced to use a modified sideways Estonian whipstitch cast-on (Continental-style, of course):

On rare occasions, such as when I am whipping out a complex fair isle overnight, I will use the Northeastern Bobtailed Cast On (it’s faster):

BTW, Richard’s question reminds me that I still (!) have not managed to land a teaching gig at Stitches East. This year, I sent several proposals — including one that covered the above cast-ons — and they sent me a letter saying that I was a “talentless hack who couldn’t teach her way out of a paper bag.” Must be a form letter. Anyway, that never stopped the Tiny Diva, so would all you sweeties please write to the Stitches folks and tell them how very much you want to take classes from moi?

Autumn of Arans

While I was at Ewe Otter Knit, Kersti showed me this most excellent hat she just finished. It’s fresh off the needles, and boy, is it sweet!

I’ve named it Hattie (get it?). Hattie is cleverly made by using short-rows, with a nice big cable running around her brim. Jim says that Hattie’s got a little junk in the trunk, but I think he’s joking. Don’t you? You can order a Hattie of your very own from the friendly folks at Ewe Otter Knit, or stop by and adopt your own little Hattie in person. You won’t be sorry! (At least, I don’t think so. Your mileage may vary.)

Just to show you how unbelievably spiffy, here’s Kersti herself modelling Hattie:

Doesn’t Davida look darling?

Little Gloria is aglow…

And to prove that pretty near anyone can look terrific in Hattie, here’s Rummy.

(Shhhh — he stopped by really quick today in between meetings. I didn’t know Rummy knits, you say? Well, duh! He has to do something to relax in between sending twenty-year-old farm boys and forty-five year old National Guardsmen to their deaths in the Middle East!)

Going Postal

I thought my day was going just peachy – nothing like plumping out the ole stasheroonie to make MY day – but then when I got home, there was this waiting for me:

Mrs. Linda Fader, also of Fort Lee, New Jersey, sent me this darling doll, which is in reality a toilet paper holder (lift up those skirts, girlie, when you need the T.P.) A huge thanks, Linda! Gosh, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have faithful readers like you! I don’t deserve you! Really.

Well, yes I do.

One More Important Development

Okay, as many of you loyal readers know, about twelve days ago, I got the haircut from H-E-double-toothpicks. Shamelessly, wantonly, I cheated on my hair care professional and went to another, and I got the nasty shearing a hair-slut like me deserves. I re-e-e-eally tried my best to wait it out, but I just couldn’t stand it. (You understand, don’t you?) So I crawled back to my Hair Boy, mullet between my legs, and begged him to fix it. Here’s the official shot.

Looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

And Last But Not Least

Louie’s been lazing around the house for weeks now. He’s not a big fan of summertime, is my Louie. Here he is, all curled up on that afghan I’ve been trying to finish:

And here’s my other snooky-wookums. She says, “Just 5 more days ’til Joe is back!”

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