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It’s Curtains For Me

“It’s coitains for you, Rocky,” as Bugs Bunny said. (Any Bugs fans out there?) It’s curtains for me because tomorrow is August 15th, the day that taxes are due for us procrastinators who got an extension to file from the regular April date. My husband’s place of employment never manages to issue the paperwork we need to do our taxes on time, so we always end up filing for an extension and then farting around until August 13th. Sometime in the wee hours tonight, around 4 in the morning, those of you in the Philadelphia area may hear a strange and eerie howl of pain as TurboTax spits out the final tally of what we owe.

It’s also curtains for me in that my brief stint as Guest Blogger is just about done. I’ve had a wonderful time, and I appreciate your generosity as readers in sticking with me. I’ve gained a whole new respect for good bloggers like Joe and Marilyn and Franklin, who blog regularly, post photos, and strive to keep their blogs interesting, funny and informative. It’s not easy. (After just a week, my ass is whupped.)

I also want to thank The Man himself, Joe, blogger extraordinaire, for the chance to do this. He was very brave to let me run unchecked for a week with his blog. (Control freak that I am, I don’t know that I could have done the same.)

So it’s time for Mr. Cranky Husband to get on with the taxes, and time for Joe to return to us, his faithful readers. We will now resume your regular programming.

— Carol S.

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