You Knitting Succubi

Ahem. It has come to my attention, through an auto-reply email from Joe’s work account, that Joe will not be returning as, er, early as I had thought. So you’re stuck with me for a few more days.

Today’s entry will be a short one, mainly because I am particularly sleep-deprived this week. My seven-year-old son is going through some kind of existential phase in which he doesn’t want to go to sleep. I use the word “existential” deliberately. This is not “I’m afraid of the dark” or “there are monsters under the bed.” This is “I don’t understand what happens when my brain crosses over from being awake to being asleep” fear. Sometimes that kid is too damn smart for his own good.

To quote Linda Richman, my Supersocke socks are neither super nor socks. I like the yarn and the pattern is attractive; just haven’t been working on them much. I will show you, however, my last mindless project, in the hope that blogging about it will inspire me to finish it today. This is essentially a square knit out of Noro Kochoron:

I am going to sew it to a square of silk dupioni and make a throw pillow. Very, very easy but surprisingly professional-looking. Maybe I will get my shit together and have a photo of the finished pillow within the next day or so.

Just for giggles, I will leave you with one of my favorite Separated at Births. I noticed this years ago, and can’t believe no one else has.

Separated at birth?

Philadelphia Mayor John Street and

T.V.’s Grady?

— Carol S.

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