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Back To Work

Two weeks without having to travel to Albany and worry about client deliverables was a joy. Returning…not so much.

Boring Blog
I have a feeling that now that Carol has used up all her charm, wit and cleverness, that going back to plain ‘ole QueerJoe is going to get boring.

The only political rant I have is about the idiots at Faux News (that’s Fox News to the uninitiated) who insist on covering the missing woman in Aruba. It must be an extremely slow news month when the best the networks can do is a 4 month old missing person case and Ms. Sheehan protesting outside the President’s vacation spot in Crawford, Texas.

Similarly, it’s slow blogging time.

I saw an interview on C-Span with the guy that was guest blogging for Andrew Sullivan. He got some incredibly hateful attacks in the calls that came into him on the show. I can’t imagine the hate e-mails he gets as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to hate e-mails, but I would hate to be constantly bombarded with the kind of offensive crap I heard callers give him on the C-Span interview.

Some of you have asked how the quilting is going, and I’m pleased to say it’s going quite well. First of all, a progress picture.

Quilt 08-18-05

I’ve finished 54 snowballs, and I’m sewn them all together. I’ve also started on the next 36.

I’m not sure how big the border of the quilt will be yet (I’m going to ask the advice of my quilting guru, Liza), so I don’t know how many snowballs I will have to complete to finish the top, but I want the finished quilt to measure about 100″ x 90″.

I’ll update you on weekend knitting in my next blog update.

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