Knitting, Spinning, Quilting, Crocheting and Weaving

Other than weaving, there has been enormous satisfaction in all of the listed crafts.

As with children, I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite.

Okay, yes I can…it’s knitting, which was my first love (although I crocheted long before I ever knitted), but I enjoy all of my fiber obsessions.

Spinning has an almost magical quality to it. I can clearly understand how spinning made its way into some of our fairy tales. Turning natural resources like hair and plant fiber into a yarn is amazingly satisfying and even though I spin at a frenetic pace, I still find it incredibly meditative.

Crochet takes a lot more concentration than any of the other fiber arts I take part in. I like the free-form ease of crochet. Learning to understand the demands of crochet has been challenging and fun.

Quilting has been an exercise in planning and visualization. I’ve started to gain some very small understanding of how colors combine in a much more complex way than knitting could provide. I couldn’t have understood how the solid diamonds could have worked with the patterned snowballs without the experience of the master, Liza.

Back to Knitting
I did get some additional knitting done on the Vineyard Throw, and I’m beginning to remember more about why I loved the throw I made for my mom so much.

Vineyard Throw 08-21-05

Now that I’m a little over half through the first row of blocks, I’m remembering how soft and warm this throw feels. The drape of Manos when knitted up is incredible.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Monika says, “If you want it quality you’ll have to make a really obvious intentional “mistake” somewhere in order to be humble. No, that doesn’t make sense to me either.”

Allah, Buddha, Jesus and Brini Maxwell would all agree that no intentional “mistake” needs to be made in this quilt. While you don’t have the ability to inspect my work closely, if you did, you’d see that my sewing skills are rudimentary at best.

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