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Idiot’s Work

I saw Liza this past Friday and mentioned that quilting seems to be moron’s work. She reminded me I was well-qualified to do it.

Another Hobby Requiring Persistence
Like knitting, quilting doesn’t take an enormous amount of skill, but it does take stick-to-it-iveness.

Once the basic design is in place, and the fabric has been selected, the cutting and sewing up part really doesn’t take very much talent. Trust me on this, my sewing skills are not overly sophisticated…in fact, they’re not at all sophisticated.

But fortunately, this quilt design requires that I sew straight lines, and that I’ve been able to handle. Just barely.

Quilting Progress
I have made quite a bit of progress on the quilt (quilting does seem to go faster than knitting).

Quilt 08-27-05

I’ve completed a total of 108 snowballs so far and sewed them all together. I liked Liza’s mother-in-law’s comment when she looked at it and found out I was working to make a bed quilt. She said, “You’ve got quite a bit more work to do.”

Current Knitting
I have done more work on the Vineyard Throw, but I realized the picture that I was going to post looked almost exactly like the last progress picture.

I’ll post a progress picture later on in the week.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
All of your requests for who’s snarky made me realize I forgot to include a link in my last post that inspired the topic in the first place. And now I can’t find it.

Okay, which of you knitting friends posted the link with bad vintage sewing and knitting patterns?

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