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Back To School

I was always one of those kids that was glad to be going back to school.

Grade School Memories
I have very fond memories of those first days of the school year.

All the changes of a new year to get used to. Deciding which of my two new pairs of pants that I would wear, remembering to take my lunch money, wondering if I was standing at the correct corner for my bus stop, wondering who would be waiting with me.

Of course, I’d be carrying the nice, clean, three-subject, spiral notebook that held way more promise than I would ever deliver.

But the strongest memory of the first day back at school were the smells, such as the initial smell of floor wax upon entering the freshly clean entry hall, or the dusty chalk smell in my new homeroom. I could inhale the pink, rubbery smell of a new Eberhard eraser for hours. The strongest of smells was always in the cafeteria where no amount of industrial cleaner could cover up the lingering aromas of thousands of hot lunches combined with a faint smell of sour milk.

Very fond memories indeed.

Current Knitting
I tried to put in a little extra effort this weekend, so that the promised progress picture of the Vineyard Throw might look at least a little different than the last picture.

Vineyard Throw 08-28-05

I was honestly hoping to get to the next row of color blocks, but I kept making stupid mistakes and having to rip out and re-do. I’m up to row 79 of 101 rows for the first color blocks.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Michelene notes, “I can never make all the corners line up when I sew or quilt. I pin, I baste, and they still don’t match up. Drives me nearly as batty as counted cross-stitch.”

If you were to look closely at my patchworking so far, you’d see that my corners don’t match up either. I’ve gotten good at figuring out how and where to fudge a little. A couple of times I’ve been holding up the work so far, and noticed a seam that didn’t quite hold together. It’s a good thing that the fabric does so much of the work.

I also forgot to mention that when I went to Liza’s for more fabric, she had a supply of the newest quilt book using Kaffe’s fabrics, Kafee Fassett’s Quilt Road.

Quilt Road


Even if you don’t quilt, this book is amazing eye candy, and it’s not even as good as the Museum Quilts book that is due out in a week or two. Both are (or will be) available on Liza’s web site along with any of the fabrics used in the book. Quite amazing.

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  1. Thanks for your description of the first day of school. It’s so accurate, and those are all things I have fond memories of. Even the icky lunchroom smell.

    Another really strong sense memory I have is of the noise. The way several hundred voices echo and blur in the auditorium or cafeteria. I was a pretty quiet kid, so I was more often listening to the din than participating in creating it. But there is a noise that was very specific to the old public school buildings in NYC, that I’ve never heard replicated quite right elsewhere.

    I really miss having that first day of school to look forward to.

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