Sheep & Wool

With events like Rhinebeck and MDS&W, I often forget that there are sheep festivals right in my own back yard.

Garden State Breeders
Thanks to a timely tip from local knit-pal, May (I actual know her much more through spinning than knitting), I realized that I could drive a mere 8 minutes from my house this weekend to enjoy walking through sheep and llama dung. The Garden State (NJ for those that don’t know) Sheep Breeders are having their annual festival this coming weekend about 7 miles from my house.

How cool is that?

Actually, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to buy some spinning stuff, and while I’m not sure about what kind of vendors will be there, nor do I have anything specific in mind to buy, I would still love to indulge my spinner’s urges this weekend.

Current Spinning
I focused all my fiber time this past weekend on quilting and knitting, and a little bit on flea marketing.

But alas, I did no spinning, so I have no pictures.

Hopefully, I will have some from the festival this coming weekend.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thank you all for you comments on the injustices of Katrina.

I have one more item on this travesty that is just the last fucking straw.

It wasn’t bad enough that FEMA screwed up so badly.

It wasn’t bad enough that Haliburton is getting no-bid contracts for clean-up.

But now I find out that the whole “taking responsibility” speech by the redumblican president belied his actions yet again.

Were you aware that Bush actually had the utter gall to suspend a law that requires federal contractors to pay prevailing wages in the gulf area during Katrina cleanup? Which means, Haliburton can charge whatever they want for their efforts, but they aren’t required to even pay prevailing wages to the impoverished workforce in the gulf area. Which also means union contractors will have no possibility of winning any work that does go out for bid.

The scenario turns out like this. If your a skilled laborer in the gulf area, and want to work, the only work will be through Federal Contractors who can pay you whatever they feel like. If you don’t like it, you won’t be working.

Just another big fuck-you to labor unions, the hardworking laborers in the area and the folks with a “welfare mentality” who now have even less incentive to work.

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