Light and Airy

Time for a little less intensity. All the discussion of disaster, politics and especially bible verses has become extremely tedious.

Pregnancy Kills Brain Cells
I’m convinced this is true. I have personally witnessed extremely intelligent pregnant women do and say some of the most inane things.

One example I have is my youngest sister.

During her first pregnancy, she and her husband were at the doctors for one of the regularly scheduled visits, which included a sonogram. Since it was the first sonogram in which the technician could determine the gender of the fetus (no voting rights yet…oops…light and airy, light and airy), the technician asked them if they wanted to know the sex. They did, so she told them it was a boy.

My sister squinted at the picture, and asked how she knew. The technician pointed at the appendage-in-question, and my sister, still looking boggled, said, “I’m sorry, but I just can’t see it.” So the technician actually took a grease pencil and outlined Mr. PeePee for my sister, at which point she said, “Ohhhh, he’s not circumcised.”

A mind is, in fact, a terrible thing to waste.

Current Knitting
I really didn’t get a ton of knitting done on the Vineyard Throw this week, but I have a picture of it that actually makes it look like a throw.

Vineyard Throw 09-15-05

I’m only at row 79 of 92, so I still have 13 rows before switching colors.

I do have to admit, the top row of colors is my favorite, so I’m looking forward to starting it.

Current Quilting
Tomorrow, I head over to Liza’s to pick out border material. I think I’ll also try to pick out backing and binding material as well.

Based on Kathy’s comment, Liza must have something amazing on her design board. On my last visit, Liza showed me some of the new Kaffe fabrics (which I’m not allowed to discuss), and I actually considered jamming some of them in my pockets when she wasn’t looking. They are quite amazing.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
I’ve noticed that comments have gotten so boring, that even I’m just skimming through some of them, and it’s mostly due to the size. Please self-edit, and limit the size of your comment, or I will take editorial license.

One point of interest in the whole conservative/liberal debate is JennAnn’s comment. It made me take a look at my reactions, and I was glad for it. I don’t agree completely with all she says, but I was glad for the opportunity to do a little self-check.

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