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Breathe a Sigh

I work hard on both my career and my hobbies. It’s nice to sit back and enjoy the accomplishments sometimes.

For any who have read my web log for a while, they know my favorite vacation is in a location where there are nice beaches, good weather and good restaurants.

This weekend, we didn’t exactly have great weather, and I didn’t go to the beach. But I did just kind of relax and watch screener DVD’s that Thaddeus brought home and knit and quilt. I also got to go to my favorite Thai restaurant.

In addition, we did our standard circuit around the flea market on Saturday and Sunday.

Finally, yesterday, we went to the Garden State Sheep & Fiber Festival.

Sheep & Fiber Festival
The Garden State Sheep & Fiber Festival is a bit smaller than either Rhinebeck or Maryland…okay, a lot smaller. As an example, there was only one food vendor at the festival, and at noon, Thaddeus and I had no wait to get our lunch.

It was very manageable, and there was lots of good fiber stuff. If they can manage to double the size of the festival, it will be just about perfect.

Here are a couple of pictures.



I went looking for interesting spinning equipment, such as a dizz (sp?) or a nice drop spindle or something interesting like that. There wasn’t much in the way of nice wood items, so I ended up just buying this.

Merino Silk Roving

This a multi-colored Merino/Silk Roving, about 13 ounces.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with this, since it’s clearly not enough to make a man’s sweater, but I liked the color and the fiber way too much not to buy it.

Quilt Top Completed
Yes, you read correctly. I finished putting on the borders (yes, plural) this weekend.

Quilt 09-17-05 Complete

On the sides, I only added the amazing new fabric that I got at Liza’s on Friday. At the top and bottom, I also added a multi-color, pieced border. And in the corners, I put snowballs.

Quilt 09-17-05 Corner

Gage was highly impressed.

Quilt 09-17-05 Gage

Next week, I get Liza’s final advice on fabric for the back and binding, and finishers where I can send it off for quilting.

This has been by far the most satisfying first project in a new fiber area ever.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Elizabeth asks, “Will the quilting be stippled randomly or follow the pattern of the blocks to some degree?”

I’m thinking about having the finisher just do a random pattern that will complement the tone of the quilt, but not specific to the pattern of the blocks. I’m thinking that a separate random pattern for the border versus the snowballs would give a nicely finished look.

k says, “What I don’t get is the sudden explosion of bright colors in the quilt, when all the knitting is in ‘conservative’ colors.”

I would argue that my knitting is done in some pretty vibrant colors too. The Fashion of The Christ sweater is a panic of color, and I did my multi-pattern sweater in a vibrant pumpkin color. Even the collar on the Passing Lane Pullover is done in a very bright green, despite the fact that the body is done in a deep burgundy color. And the truth of the matter is, I did not expect that the end result of the this quilt would be so bright. I like it a lot, but it was not what I initially envisioned.

Eldronius ask, “Will you let people roll around on it and giggle with delight when it is finished?

Absolutely not. It is to be admired from at least five feet, like most major pieces of art in museums. Although very few people get to see my bedroom, and they wouldn’t likely roll in a quilt, nor would they giggle.

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