Gay Weekend Productive

Weekend Busy-ness

My current client has asked that I be on-site in Albany every other Friday, instead of working from home.

Two Day Weekends
Even though I had to work from home on Fridays, it still gave me the opportunity to knit while I was on conference calls, or spend time with Thaddeus at lunch. One day less for doing those things makes the weekends fly by.

This past weekend was one of those fly-by weekends.

Current Knitting
Despite the abbreviated weekend, I was able to get through more rows on the Vineyard Throw.

Vineyard Throw 09-25-05

Although it might not show very well, I am halfway through the last row of color blocks, or at row 56 for those of you that are counting.

Now that mornings and evenings are starting to cool down some, this lap blanket has proven to be very comfortable while I’m knitting on it.

Knitting Designs
Thank you all for the comments and critiques on the Knitting Vault sweater designs.

Evidently, the sweater in question (Passing Lane Pullover) needs a picture that will accentuate its interesting features, such as the fisherman’s rib and double collar in contrasting color. Hopefully tips from Franklin will allow me to re-market this design will a little more interest.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Carol S. noted, “And if you want another good reason to be infuriated at the past (we can only hope they are past) practices of the Catholic Church, check out the lead article in today’s Inquirer about the grand jury’s report on sexual abuse.”

Just so happens, the former pastor the local Catholic church in my hometown was listed in the indictment. I remember a time when he was highly indignant about a lot of “anti-Catholic” issues in our town. Issues ranging from no tax exemption for charging for public parking to being asked to leave the parish.

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