Do Not Follow

Construction Vehicle – Do Not Follow

Another traffic sign I see on the backs of big dump trucks, that I just don’t understand.

I first thought this sign meant that you shouldn’t follow behind the truck on the road, that you should either change lanes or pass it or stay far behind it. As if this sign was supposed to limit their liability if something flies out of their truck and damages you or your car?

Then I learned that it was a warning that you shouldn’t follow the truck onto a construction site or highway work area.

Was I stupid, or is this sign misleading?

Current Knitting
I’m very close to finishing this project which means two things.

First, I have to decide what kind of border (if any) that I care to add to this. The pattern calls for a crochet edging that I’m not fond of, and I would like to extend the length a little, so I think I’ll start looking for some edging that will add about 3-5 inches on each end.

Vineyard Throw 10-01-05

What do you think?

Second, I got bored with working on only one project, so I started this wonderful new distracting project.

Beaded Bracelet

I purchased two patterns from the Knitting Vault, both by Lucy Neatby. Both were extremely well written and are very interesting looking projects. While I think I could have figured out both of them on my own, I’m glad to have the patterns.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
JoVE asks, “Perhaps you have once told us what you will do with that merino when you’ve finished spinning but could you remind us?”

I’m going to try something dozens of experienced spinners have advised me not to. I’m going to try and double-ply in even lengths of color to make self-striping socks. We’ll see how quickly I’m abused of this idea when I actually try it.

Marilyn asks, Have you found that you have to adjust your draw with the merino?”

It’s got a different feel than the Jacob Select and the Corriedale Cross that I spun up before starting on this ridiculous idea, but I still use pretty much the same draw and spinning technique. Since the tension on my Louet has a strong pull, I did have to cross the yarn between hooks at the beginning of the spool sometimes.

Carol S. asks Franklin, “Hey Franklin, can you recommend a good book to teach me basic HTML?”

Even though Franklin politely took this question to personal e-mail, I get this kind of question often from new bloggers. I did want to say that anytime I want to do something in HTML, I just look for an example of it on someone else’s site, and then click on the “Edit/View Source” menu option of my browser, and steal the HTML. Or I just google it. Once you understand the basic concept of an HTML tag (which can easily be learned through on-line resources), stealing others’ HTML makes blogging a breeze.

Duffy asks, “What are your thoughts on Nancy Crow’s work?”

I, like Marilyn, googled her name, since I’m too new to the quilting world to have recognized her name. Seeing her work is truly humbling. She seems to be an extraordinary artist that truly understands composition and color. I wouldn’t even try to get to that caliber of artistry.

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