Supreme Court

Presidential Woes

You’d think with all the bad press he’s gotten lately, that he might consider not selecting another sympathetic co-worker to the supreme court.

It Could Have Been Worse
We could have gotten the other crony, Gonzalez.

But Miers looks like a repeat of the search for a Vice President. Dick Cheney was in charge of locating, vetting and recommending candidates for the office, and…oh surprise…he was the best person for the job. Now Miers pulls a Cheney, but at least she selected Roberts first (and now she’s going to have a hard time measuring up to him as a candidate).

Maybe just once, it would have been nice if the President had just said, “Find the most qualified person for the job, whether friend or foe.”

I can dream.

Quilt Progress
I’ve done nothing with the quilt, other than purchase the cotton batting.

Cotton Batting

It’s a king size, all cotton, light loft batting.

I still need to cut the binding and cut and sew the backing. After Kaffe sees the top, I’ll contact a couple of finishers about sending it off for quilting.

Other Weekend Fiber Activity
I did end up finishing the Nose Crust merino spinning and started the last color in the series, which I’m calling Blue Spruce.

Blue Spruce 10-02-05

It’s amazing to me that some of the colors spun up extremely easily, while others, it seemed like I struggled through the entire roving. Fortunately, this one seems to be one of the smooth and easy ones.

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