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Blog Display Issues

Scary when the powers-that-be can’t even agree on standards for HTML that are consistent across browser platforms.

Recent Changes
Lately, blogger has stopped allowing me to directly upload pictures. They are insisting that I use their formatting tools when I post a picture. It seems some browsers don’t like how Blogger formats pictures.

I’ve made some changes to the pictures in the last three entries that might help out, but since I don’t use any of the non-Microsoft products, I can’t test this easily.

Fortunately, folks like Corvus and Jason have been extremely helpful in debugging this issue for me. They have been amazingly generous of their time and skills.

Thank gawd for geeks.

Current Knitting
When Thaddeus saw that I was making scarves again, he got the great idea that I should make one for our friend Charles (who doesn’t read this blog, I don’t think). Here’s the rub…it needed to be done by this Saturday evening.

I couldn’t possibly justify making him a crappy novelty yarn scarf, so I decide to used some of the mohair boucle I got at Rhinebeck to make a simple, yet elegant scarf. Unfortunately, this yarn swatched up perfectly on US3 needles and progress is very slow.

Charles Scarf 10-24-05

I’m working like a dog on it, every chance I get. I’m confident it will be completed in time to wrap as a gift on Saturday.

Next Project
Yes, despite multiple projects going on, I’m dreaming about my next project.

Now that I have the Heirloom Lace book, I am itching to design a lace garment that will use the Skaskas yarn I bought at Rhinebeck. When I ordered the Heirloom book a few weeks ago, I also ordered Barbara Abbey’s Knitting Lace.

Knitting Lace Book

On first look, I think it will be very useful in my design efforts. I just have to get through Charles’ scarf, a dozen or so novelty yarn scarves and the wool/hemp sweater first.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Natalie asks, “have you read “eats shoots and leaves” yet? It’s pretty great.”

No, although I’ve heard a number of interviews with the author. I think I would enjoy this book, since I always love when folks write sentences that could be misconstrued, but I doubt I’ll get the opportunity to put it in my reading list.

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