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The Wisdom of the Web

Why is it that I’m constantly amazed when readers seem to have answers to any problems or issues I’m having.

First Zoundry Entry
Based on FolkCat’s enthusiastic recommendation, I download Zoundry, and I think I’m going to like it. Hopefully, once I have three entries published using the new software, the alternate browser issues will go away. If I get ambitious, I may even try to change the pictures to a format that worked in the past. Many thanks to FolkCat for the timely recommendation.

Other Weekend Fiber Activities
In addition to knitting on the wool/hemp sweater, the novelty yarn scarves and the Charles gift scarf, I also got in some spinning time. Since the new Robin wheel is beautiful as well as functional, I’ve temporarily placed it in front of the fireplace in my living room. It makes for easy access to spinning during brief periods when I’m waiting for Thaddeus, or just bored.

Tan Wool2

I did some work on the Rhinebeck roving of unknown fiber content. I do love this roving, and it’s a dream to spin on the new wheel. However, since I’m spinning gossamer singles, progress is a little slower than the merino.

Speaking of which, I also got some spinning time in on the Louet.

Blue Spruce 10-23-05

I wanted to compare between the two wheels, and there are some marked differences. I love my Louet, and it spins amazing yarn, but I’ve found two things that it doesn’t do as well as the Robin, and both have to do with the treadling mechanism.

The first is the smoothness of treadling. The Louet has a slight back and forth pulling motion on the wheel when I treadle that makes it rock a little bit. The Robin is much more fluid, and has no back an forth motion at all.

The other, more important (but still kind of minor), is that the arm attaching the treadles to the wheel on the Louet is subject to gravity and will settle to the bottom. This makes it a little more difficult to thread the fly wheel, since the settling action will pull the yarn back onto the bobbin. Again, the Robin has a more balanced treadle-to-wheel set up that is balanced in any position.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thanks Kim and Marilyn and Jean for the cautions about Abbey’s book on lace.

One of the reasons I was intrigued with her book is her shorthand instructions. Coming from the years where you had to fit a lot onto an 80 character punch card, I find her shorthand fascinating. Even more fascinating, I find the ego she demonstrates by telling her entire readership that they have to learn a new way of reading instructions. The gal’s got spunk.

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