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Dismal Failure

While we had two other gifts for our friend Charles, and I supplemented with a third one of spectacular truffles from Joseph Schmidt Chocolates, I wasn’t able to finish the scarf this past weekend.


All-in-all, it was a successful birthday dinner for our friend, but it had no handmade gifts.

I added a few more inches to the scarf, but Thaddeus and I both felt it was a little skimpy for a fine gift, so I’ll just finish it at a later time.

Another reason that I’m a loser, is that I left my camera, with all weekend knitting and spinning pictures at home.

And to make matters worse, I’m in Albany until Friday this week.

I’ll try to supplement blog entries with pictures stolen from other places. Please feel free to donate pictures if you think they might help illustrate my blog.

Damn, if I could only draw like Franklin.

Current Knitting
After I stalled on the Charles scarf, I decided to work on the craft show scarves. I got two more done and started up on another.

The two latest scarves are quite cool (I have pictures in the camera at home). One is a very loose and open scarf of black binding thread and bright jewel-like, primary color slubs. The second is a plain parrot green scarf that looks almost like an elongated washcloth. I used a Lana Grossa yarn for the green scarf that is very soft and like terry cloth.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Cynthia asks, “Do you have to have a sewing machine to put in a zipper?”

I do, but I find it easier to hand-sew in the zippers on sweaters, although I’ve not tried it since I got my new sewing machine.

Cynthia then goes on to ask, “Also, I finished my Manos throw and now have the three strips to sew together. Do you think I should block then sew, sew then block, or block, sew and block again?”

Ideally, you should block, then sew, and if necessary, block again, but I can’t imagine you’ll need to block it after you sew it.

Regarding the Charles Scarf, Marilyn notes, “That yarn appears to be biasing. If it is, no amount of blocking will save it. What yarn is that?”

It was the Indigo Farms (?) yarn I got at Rhinebeck. It was torquing a little bit, but not so much that a little steam blocking didn’t get rid of it easily.

Geraldine mentioned, “Joe, you must be devastated that your favourite holiday spot has been so badly damaged by the weather!”

Yes, I actually got to see pictures on national news of the lobby of one of the Marriott hotels where we stay. It was pretty awful. We’re scheduled to go back in February, so hopefully, things will be fixed and we can help support their economy with travel dollars.

Helen asks, “Also, have you ever discovered the circular knitting machine from the 1800’s?”

Yes, I actually own a circular sock knitting machine from the early 1900’s. I’ve successfully used it to make a couple of pairs of socks, and one day I will get back to tuning it.

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