Knitters 10-31-05

Knitters Fall 2005

I guess 3 out of 24 ain’t bad.

Knitters Review
Yes, I bought the latest issue of Knitters and overall, I’d call it rather dreadful.

For a price of US$5.95, you get 24 designs, which includes:

– A man’s scarf/bow tie design
– A woman’s hat/scarf design
– An intarsia blanket
– 3 Children’s sweaters
– A design for neck ties

The articles are dull and useless, unless you enjoy reading Perri Klass’ writing.

Of all the designs in the magazine, I found three worth mentioning.

Asian Mystery – by Katharine Hunt



Nice use of mosaic slip stitch patterning in black and white. Good shaping and simple, yet professional finishing. A good classic garment with lots of interesting techniques.

Channels & Ribs – by Kathy Cheifetz


This is an excellent use of Manos del Uruguay yarns, and I love how she combined the solid brown with a variegated collar. This is an extremely stylish design that appears to be a joy to wear and wrap yourself in. Despite using heavy yarns, the garment comes off as sleek and long. A very successful design.

Murphy by Ronbin Melanson


A very simple design, I just liked the designers use of color. It’s unusual, but still yet very appealing to the eye. While I wasn’t overly thrilled with her cuff treatment, she made up for it with a zipper edging that works very well.

Current Knitting

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the craft fair I’m making my novelty scarves for, Lorre asks, “Which craft fair?”

I’m not sure…I think it’s a benefit craft fair in Neshaminy Hills if that gives you any clue. I won’t even be going, I’m just giving my scarves to a friend who sells her jewelry there, and she will sell them on my behalf (I think).

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