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Magazine Overload

I don’t subscribe to any magazines at the moment. I used to subscribe to the national rag for the GLBT community, but it turned into “People” magazine with a gay slant.

Explosion of Magazine Choices
When friend, Lisa, mentioned “Radar” magazine, it was no surprise I had never heard of it. Since she recommended that I pick up a copy, I struggled to figure out what genre of magazine it was. It turns out, it’s some mongrel mix of politics and pop culture.

After a struggle, I located my copy of Radar Magazine at my local B&N.

Radar Magazine

You’ll note the section of the cover that I expanded at the side. This is what a national magazine had to say about Lisa’s partner’s new book, Self-Made Man – by Norah Vincent. I’ve been very excited about the publication of this book, and it’s expected out in January. Getting a preview of it in Radar only whet my appetite more.

Current Knitting
I didn’t quite finish the novelty scarf yet, although I’ll be certain to finish it tonight. At which point, I’ll start working on the last sleeve of the wool/hemp sweater. This weekend will include doing a couple more scarfs as well.

Other Fiber Activity
This past weekend, in addition to novelty yarn scarves, I got a little more done on the Blue Spruce merino spinning.

Blue Spruce 10-31-05

If I’m very lucky, I might be able to finish off the spinning of all the pounds and pounds of merino this weekend. If I’m not so lucky, the merino spinning may carry into the following weekend. Fortunately, I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Friend Lisa, characteristically asks, “OK, OK, it’s all great and positive just to focus on the stuff that’s worth mentioning, but where’s the vitriol about the stuff that’s craptastic?”

Here’s my thinking. Reviews help folks decide if they want to buy the magazine. Telling them the projects that I think are worthwhile helps them do that. Detailing the remaining sewage only lets potential buyers know what they’ll have to wade through to get to the good stuff. Since reviewing only what I consider worthy is a lot easier, I’ve opted for that.

Besides, “You Knit What” does a great job of making fun of the crap out there in the knit-World.

Marilyn notes, “Those sweaters are OK but frankly, hardly worth the money for the mag.”

I am in total agreement, I hope my review didn’t indicate otherwise. If Marilyn wants to make the Asian Mystery garment, I’d gladly give her my copy of Knitting.

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