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Upcoming Vacation

Yes, Thaddeus and I will be taking a trip to Arizona next week, for the week of Thanksgiving.

Arizona Dreaming
We’re heading to the Southwest for a couple of different reasons. First, his sister and her family invited us down to Phoenix for the week, and we thought it would be an interesting way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday week. Second, Thaddeus and I have been considering retirement locations, and one of the possible places is Arizona.

While we’re down there, we plan on going to Sedona and also down to a little town called Bisbee.

I’m hopeful that I enjoy the area.

Current Knitting
I ended up finishing four more scarves for the craft show, for a grand total of 16 scarves (actually 1 shawl and 15 scarves).

Novelty Scarf Four

Here’s a close-up of the fabrics for these lovely scarves.

Novelty Scarf Four Closeup

I will work this week on the wool/hemp sweater and hopefully, finally finish this sweater by the weekend before we head off for vacation.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the Barenaked Ladies, JoVE asks, “(D)id you get that there is at least one gay guy in BNL?”

I haven’t gotten that impression, but we can always hope.

Mindy asks, “Joe, am I remembering correctly, are you spinning the merino for socks? If so, how many plies will you use and how tightly are you spinning it?”

Yes, the merino is for socks, and I’m overspinning it some, so that I can ply it tightly (hopefully, it will help with the wear on the socks). I’m planning on double-plying it for sock-weight yarn.

Marilyn asks, “(D)o you think all bipolars should “come out” as well as gays?”

I think folks should live their lives as if they were proud of who they are (unless they’re left-handed, and then they should just suffer in silence). Believe it or not, I have never “come out” in my life. I do talk about Thaddeus openly when it comes up as appropriate, and similarly, if I were bipolar, and the situation arose where discussing it was relevant, I’d do that too. Now, I think a more interesting question would be, if you consider pedophilia a disease, and you were recovering from that, would you be “out” about it?

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