Coming Out

Coming Out

Cheryl asks an excellent question, “How could you not be “out” if your blog is called “Queer” Joe…?”

In Your Face
I would rephrase her question a bit. I would have asked, “How can you say you’ve never really come out if your blog is called “Queer” Joe…?”

I never said I wasn’t out. I am about as out as a gay boy can be. But my thought was that I never make formal declarations of my sexual orientation.

But when I read Cheryl’s question, I realized I do, in fact, make such a declaration with the name of my site. Sorry for the lie.

Current Knitting
I have done very little, albeit some, work on the sleeve of the wool/hemp sweater.

Stephen Sweater 11-13-05

Believe it or not, I have very little left to do on this garment, and the sleeve goes faster and faster as I have fewer and fewer stitches. I’ve actually completed another couple of inches on the sleeve since this picture was taken. I’m hopeful to have finished the sleeve by tomorrow night and to have started on the collar.

Work Deluge
I’m usually quite efficient at combining work and social life with my knitting and blogging, but for the last week or so, I’ve been struggling to keep up with it all. This is my way of apologizing in advance in case my posts are sparse between now and vacation.

While on vacation, I don’t anticipate posting at all.

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