Laceweight Merino

Southwestern Style

As a decorating style, I have never been too fond of “Southwestern,” but it seems my living room has taken on that flavor despite any personal preferences.

Outside Influences
When Thaddeus and I first bought our house about 15 years ago, we decided we were in no rush to furnish or decorate the place. We made a conscious decision to find good furnishings that we both liked, and not hurry through the process.

One of the first pieces of furniture we bought for our living room is a beautiful thick, cherry wood couch with cushions. We had a choice of upholstery, and selected a fabric that turned out looking a bit more Southwest than I would have expected.

Living Room Couch

While I still love the couch, many of our friends or family that came to the house assumed we were going for a Southwestern look, and bought gifts that reflected that. So, despite the fact that this is the only Southwester-looking piece of furniture in the house, folks still seem to think we’re decorating in a Southwestern style.

Current Knitting
It seemed odd to me that the scarves I knit whilst on vacation in Arizona had a distinctly Southwestern feel to them, and it was completely unplanned.

I’ve decided to start a new project, using the laceweight merino I bought from Skaska Designs at Rhinebeck.

Laceweight Merino

I’m designing my own lace garment, so between the incredibly small gauge for this yarn and the trial and error nature of my design process, I don’t expect to have this project grow incredibly fast at the beginning.

New Web Site
I got an e-mail from new blog-knitter, Matt, and thought folks might like to take a look at his web site.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Emma asks via e-mail, whether she could purchase the Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf pattern directly from me, instead of getting it from The Knitting Vault.

Emma, I tried to respond via e-mail, but your e-mail address errored out on me, so I’ll answer your question here for everyone to see. You can purchase the pattern directly from me for the same price as The Knitting Vault, but there are two hitches. First, I don’t send a pattern with a picture, like you’ll get on the Knitting Vault, and second, you’ll have to use PayPal to buy it from me, whereas, TKV takes charge cards. I also have an agreement with TKV to not sell the pattern for any less than I charge on their site.

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