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Hey…check it out! I’ve been quoted again, this time by Bust Magazine.

Men Knitting Article
Kelly Schindler has an article in the current issue of Bust Magazine on guys who craft.

Bust Magazine

I found the magazine last night at my local B&N, and it’s an extremely well researched and well written article on guys that play in the fiber arts. She mentions many of the male knit bloggers, like James , Jon, Tricky, and Jerry Gaiser. She also gives a lot of well-deserved publicity to the guys at ThreadBear Fiber Arts

I did an interview with Kelly months ago, and she wasn’t sure if the article would ever get written or published, so I had completely forgotten about it. What a nice surprise. I have Kristin D. to thank for letting me know about the article. She sent me an e-mail over the weekend with the particulars.

Wow, I feel as famous as Lily and Annie.

Current Knitting
I got a little side-tracked. A friend asked me if I could modify his commercially-made open-finger gloves. All of the fingers were open at the end, but the thumb wasn’t and he wanted me to open it. The gloves also had a mitten-flap that he wanted removed.

Removing the mitten-flap was easy. It was loosely sewn on. The thumb was a little more difficult. First of all, there was a thin leather covering of the palm that extended up the thumb, so I had to be careful not to unravel past where that was sewn on. The glove was also lined with Thinsulate, including in the thumb, so it was hard to get inside the thumb.

I ended up just snipping the top, unraveling down to the leather patch and binding off with the unravelled yarn. I don’t know what he’ll think about the Thinsulate sticking out.

I did no work on the watchcap or the lace.

Blog Gifts
I don’t know how James does it, but he sent out a bunch of Christmas gifts to blog friends, and again, knit all of his wrapping materials. I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients.

James Give 12-04-05

His lovely card from New Zealand had some wonderful comments as well. What a great guy.

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