Blog Awards

Has anyone ever started a blog awards contest specifically for knitting or fiber related blogs?

Historical Awards
At one point, had some sort of blog awards, which included a category for knitting or fiber crafts, but they don’t seem to be around.

I’m thinking there needs to be some place to nominate and vote for various knit-related blogs. I’d consider running the contest myself, but I’m afraid that even if I took myself out of the competition, my preferences for others’ blogs might sway voting.

If folks would like me to take nominations, I’d be glad to initiate this. Perhaps we could get some clever graphic designer to design a “Best Knit Blog” button that the winner could boast with on their site?

I’d be interested to hear others’ thoughts on this.

Current Knitting
Yesterday was a very busy work/social day, and I got absolutely no knitting done. I did however, re-teach a friend up here how to knit. He’s actually quite good at it with very little practice.

Other Weekend Fiber Activity
I finally finished spinning all the different colors of merino singles.

Blue Spruce 12-04-05

Okay…so I have a little bit left undone. I will be done with all the singles this weekend, and I will hopefully get a chance to experiment with plying. Wish me luck.

I did do some additional work on the lovely tan roving on the Robin wheel (no, that’s NOT it’s name…I don’t name inanimate objects…who the fuck would do that?).

Tan Spinning 12-04-05

When I get a chance to dedicate some time to this incredible wool, I really think the result is going to be exquisite.

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