Foto February Day 15 - Chain Link Fence at Flea Market

Missing Links

I realized I should have included links in yesterday’s post for the Knit Blog Awards main page and for the e-mail link for nominations. Here they are:

Knit Blog Awards Web Site

Other Weekend Knitting
In addition to getting the body extension done for the wool/hemp sweater, I also did quite a bit of work on the kid alpaca bed spread (you remember…the “faintly fecal” colored one).

Kid Alpaca Spread 12-18-05

You’d never know it, but I actually did over an inch of knitting on this project over the weekend. And that is the reason I decided long ago that I couldn’t maintain a blog if this blanket was my only project.

Could you imagine the boredom of seeing this project grow by millimeters?

Christmas Plans
Marilyn had a very atypical, yet wonderful blog entry about Christmas time with the Curmudgeon family, so I thought I’d share my family’s plans this year.

There are seven kids in my family, all of whom have either a partner or an ex-partner, and all but Thaddeus and I have procreated. Since my mother lives down the road from me, it was decided that the entire family would come to my home town for Christmas this year. Unfortunately, my oldest brother and his family won’t be able to make it, but that still leaves the unthinkable chaos of me and five siblings, five partners/spouses, twelve nieces and nephews and my mom and her husband.

I’m looking forward to it with some trepidation.

My mother and sister are hosting the larger dining events…they are braver women than I am. I’m hosting a mere dessert/coffee on Friday night.

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