Yes, I’ve tallied all of the nominations, and programmed a voting page. Congratulations to all those nominated, and good luck to those in the running.

Knit Blog Award Voting Rules
I must start by saying that my programming and HTML skills suck, so hopefully, this voting will go smoothly.

I have been able to limit folks capability for multiple voting, but not eliminate it entirely, so this year’s awards may not be the most democratic of Knit Blog Award history. I would ask that you only vote once per day at the most between now and the end of voting.

I also haven’t been able to disallow voters from seeing the results of the voting when they submit their votes. I would have preferred letting that be a surprise, but alas, I can’t with my limited abilities.

Finally, voting might be a little cumbersome, since you will need to return back to the voting page for each category you decide to vote for and click on the “Submit Vote” button for each category. Not overly user friendly, but it’s the best I could do.

Voting will continue until midnight on Friday, January 6th, 2006 (Eastern U.S. time).

Shortly thereafter, winners will be announced and posted to the Knit Blog Awards official website.

Let the voting begin.

Knit Blog Awards Voting

Hopefully, at the least, this will expose folks to a lot of new knitting blogs

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