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Reader Influx

Whenever the number of hits to my site surge like they did yesterday, I try to figure out what made them go ballistic.

Knit Blog Winner Backwash
It turns out that the double winner of two Knibbie awards made a minor reference to my site in her post yesterday, and sent hit numbers through the roof. I can’t imagine how many hits Stephanie gets to her site on a daily basis. It must be staggering. No wonder she won two of the awards.

My Visit To Mecca
Thaddeus’ sister lives in Springfield, MA. His niece goes to school in Northampton, MA. His family was very generous, and gave me a gift certificate at Webs America. We paid a visit to my version of Mecca.

I ended up bringing home the following:

Blue Merino Roving

This is a lovely blue, black, sage and light gray, merino roving. I was most impressed with Marilyn’s spinning of her dark blue, tweedy yarn, I wanted some of my own. I can only hope that it comes out as well as hers.

Coned Charcoal Tweed

This is over 5 pounds of a deep charcoal tweed yarn that I had to have. Don’t ask me what I’ll be making with it, because I don’t know.

aeger Baby Merino Celery

This is a bag of Jaeger Baby Merino in a celery color. I thought this would make a great color blanket for a baby (more for the parents, as I truly believe the baby rarely cares about color).

Phoenix Scarf Yarn

This novelty yarn was very inexpensive, came in great colors and I thought would make great craft fair scarves or trim on children’s garments.

Suffice it to say, I went over my gift certificate amount, but I love everything I got.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the post office rate increase, I think sometimes readers get it in their head that I’m complaining about something I’m not.

I like the U.S. Post Office. Like MOG, I think the USPS has done an incredible job of making their services more streamlined and useful. I don’t mind paying 39 cents to send a letter. I think it’s a bargain. What I HATE are the assholes in Congress who increase our taxes in every way possible, except for the Federal Income Tax, and then spout off about how they’ve LOWERED taxes. Such bullshit pisses me off, the Post Office definitely does not.

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