Uninspired and Subjectless

Yes, both my knitting and my blogging have been struggles lately, so I forced myself to do some swatching this past weekend.

Awash in Swatches
A friend was wearing a cool sweater last week that I thought I could have some fun with by trying to make it using a drop-stitch technique. I was thinking that the new Jaeger Merino in the celery color would have been perfect.

Celery Merino Swatch

It wasn’t. The swatch was so bad, I didn’t even take a picture.

Then I decide that I wanted to try and do something with the Lambs Pride worsted in that deep sky blue.

Lambs Pride Swatch

I didn’t get two inches into the swatch before I realized I am going to have to do something different than I had hoped with this yarn, else it will turn out looking like a badly designed handknit.

Finally, I turned to a large cone of very fine yarn that was sitting next to my t.v. watching chair. I don’t even know what the yarn is made of, but it feels likes it’s some kind of soft wool. I just started a simple lace pattern with it.

Lace Shawl 01-15-06

It seemed to be just the right weight of yarn, mixed with a great texture, and I was enjoying knitting the pattern design.

This was a keeper! I decided to just continue working on this “swatch” and make it long enough for a shawl. I will have to put a very wide, lace border on this to make it wide enough for a rectangular shawl, but that should be fun as well.

I’m glad to finally have a project I’m enjoying again.

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