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If you’ve ever written a blog, you’ll know what it’s like to shuffle through your mind for a topic that will interest the general readership. More specifically, you’ll have a slew of blog topics that just didn’t make it for one reason or another.

My List of Blog Topic Rejects

Hiny Hiders
Yes, did you know there’s a brand name of bathroom stall partitions call “Hiny Hiders”. I thought this was particularly funny and might make an interesting blog topic for the scatalogically inclined, until I googled it and realize how many folks have already blogged about this. Someone actually wrote an “Ode To Hiny Hiders.” Who would have believed. I didn’t think I could add any more to the opus of works on the subject.

The Goat Fucking Story
I have a very funny (and true) story from a friend that is way too graphic to write into a knitting blog. As a mini-personality test for Franklin, I asked him his thoughts on whether I should blog about it when we met back in October. He passed with flying colors saying as nicely as possible that I was out of my mind.

My Balding Spot
For all my life I’ve had such thick and full hair, as have every man, woman and child for the last five generations in my family. But somehow, I’ve started to thin on the top of my head. I figured a little of that brown spray paint I saw on television would cover it right up, but also thought it was lacking in interest as a blog story unless there is a knitted solution.

Various Movies I’ve Seen
Similar to the books I read, I sometimes feel compelled to talk about some of the movies I see. I’ve found that there aren’t many folks that have a similar taste in movies to me, so I’ve opted to exclude this topic from blog entries. Besides, I was discussing the reasons I didn’t want to see “Walk The Line,” with a friend of mine, and she actually hit me because I said I didn’t want to see it because it looked as boring as the movie “Ray.” I guess that was a pretty popular movie, but I thought it was flat and uninteresting.

My Favorite Restaurants In The Albany Area
This topic just screams “HOW MUNDANE!!!” But I will give you this clue. If you ever visit the Albany, NY area, and you want to eat at a good restaurant, stick to Italian. While there are other types of restaurants that are extremely good as well, your chances are better with the Italian eateries in this area (and I don’t mean chains like Olive Garden, Buppa di Beppo or Macaroni Grill).

There are a few more choice topics I’ve censored, but I thought you might like the opportunity to glimpse a little more about how my blogging mind works.

Men Knitting Survey
Reader Heather (Stitch Witch) up here in Albany is doing research for a book and would like the input of male knitters. She’s asked me to post her survey (it’s in MS Word format) and ask male knitters to fill it out and send it back to her.

Click here for the survey form.

Quilting Progress
After posting about the mini-quilts that I was planning on quilting and then turning into pillows, Thaddeus asked me why I didn’t make them big enough to cover our existing throw pillows for the bed (25″ x 25″). So I went back and added some fabric to the tops of the mini-quilts.

Quilt Pillows 01-22-06

The outer most red fabric is just the backing that I’m planning on using (that won’t show, since it will be inside the pillow.

I’ve also basted together the top on the left with the batting and the backing, and it’s ready for quilting. Since I plan on doing some straight-line quilting on parts of it, I think I’ll do that first using the sewing machine, and then hand quilt the remainder. That way I’ll get out all my mistakes that can possibly be made in one mini-quilt.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Mama-e states, “I watched Norah’s feature on 20/20 and was so intrigued. i can’t wait to pick up her book. I am in awe of someone who has that much courage to venture into the world of the unknown.”

Actually, the fact that she took the time to make sure each subject she writes about could recognize the value she brought to their individual situations through her technique of portraying herself as a man, was the courageous part. Her writing is inspirational as hell.

Kathy asks, “Joe, honey? Sweetie? Personal friend o’mine? That cone of yarn looks awfully large…will there be any left after your shawl to give to your good friend…me?”

I usually don’t address Kathy’s begging comments, but I have to admit that I will definitely have WAY more yarn than I need from this cone, I will probably be sick to death of working with it and I did get it free. If you really want it, I’d be glad to send you whatever is left afterwards.

Addressing Kathy’s begging, Marilyn asks, “And exactly what will you do with it if Joe gives you the leftovers? I think he should demand a battle plan from you before he even considers it.”

Yeah, Kathy…what will you be doing with it?

Finally, Enjay comments about the Accidental Shawl, “What about picking up stitches along the side and knitting the same pattern as an edging? I think it would look understated but give it a bit of interest.”

This sounds like a great idea. I want whatever I do to be a true border, so I will need to do some mitered increases on the corners, but I think I could manage that.

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  1. Now, I do think Albany has at least one good Mexican restaurant – El Locos, I think its called – on hmmm…would be in be Washington? No, I guess Madison, right next to the park!

    Ok, so its been maybe a year or two since I ate there! I used to go with my close friend who grew up in both Mexico and El Paso, and I figured if she gave the food a thumbs up too, it was pretty good!

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