Dick Cheney Shooting

Weekend Giggles

Did it strike the rest of you as funny that Dick Cheney shot one of his friends in a hunting accident?

Sick Man
I know it was an accident, but I just found the thought of this idiot shooting someone quite funny. I don’t hunt, so I’m not sure if this happens quite as often as they say, but at least it wasn’t Quayle they were hunting instead of quail. The secondary giggle came from the fact that Cheney’s ambulance was right on hand, since they follow him around, and the shot man was able to get immediate medical help.

Remember, guns don’t hurt people, Cheney hurts people.

Snow Shoveling Weekend
I spent most of yesterday helping Thaddeus shovel our small driveway. We got about 18 inches of snow, and significant drifts directly on our driveway.

Back Porch Snow

This is the view from my back porch.

Current Knitting
I’ve made some progress on the Accidental Shawl. I have over an inch of border completed.

Lace Shawl 02-13-06

Only 4 or 5 more inches to go before I finish this project.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
About the Blueface Leicester spinning I’ve been working on, Marilyn asks, “And by the way, bro, are you planning on Navajo-plying that BF Leicester?”

No, I will be attempting a simple three-bobbin plying. I couldn’t imagine hand-plying all this fecking yarn, and I seem to recall one of my books has some information on triple-plying that I will read before doing it.

Regarding the murder trial in Israel, T. notes, “Nice to focus on a rare event in Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.” T. then goes on to mention all the things that Israel does right regarding gay rights in Israel.

Another example of how some readers miss the point. My post on “killing for God” had nothing to do with the location. It seems T. might have a little resentment about folks views of Israel.

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