So Many Poseurs

All these politicians pretending to be doing good things for people, and all they give a shit about is power and getting re-elected (yeah, I know…big surprise).

God, How Tiresome
With all the whining about the Dubai company taking over port management of many of our country’s ports, I honestly don’t see what the problem is. Lots of other countries have managed or even currently manage our ports. And they’re not in charge of the security.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing folks haranguing the Bush administration, but honestly, aren’t they just being xenophobic hypocrites when they say an Arab country can’t take over management of our ports??

And then Mr. President himself, assuring the public that a full review has been done, even though he only heard about it when it started getting news play. More bullshit.

And Frist is the biggest poseur and gets my “Poseur of the Week” award for coming out against the port management, and then skulking back to this corner when there’s a reaction. Nice backbone.

Thank goodness for the sensible reaction of a real president, Jimmy Carter. Despite his many disagreements with the Bush administration, at least he tells the truth and says he finds nothing wrong with the port management decision.

Now…if there was a secret, illegal deal with Dubai, then it’s a completely different issue. That would be “business as usual” with this administration.

New York Visit
Yesterday, Thaddeus and I went into to see a wonderful play, called Jump/Cut, that friend Lisa is involved with.

The play was great, I’m sorry it only runs until later this month. All I can say is that wherever Lisa goes, good theater follows.

Current Knitting
I’ve gotten some more done on the border of the Accidental Shawl.

As you can see in the picture, I’ve got two inches of border completed and I have about three more inches to go.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the Accidental Shawl, Ann asks, “Would you post the basic lace pattern or pattern name and source?”

The pattern is really quite simple, and I doubt the exact pattern stitch is in any of the Walker books.

Cast on a multiple of 9 sts plus 3 (e.g. 12, 21, 30, etc.)
Row 1: K3, * YO, K2Tog, rep from * to last three sts, K3
Row 2: P3, * YO, P2Tog, rep from * to last three sts, P3

Doing this stitch in the round is a little different. Round 1 would be the same as row 1, whereas round 2 would be K3, * K2Tog, YO to last 3 sts, K3, since the YO comes after the decrease when doing it from the right side, in the round.

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