Crude Oil

Cheap Oil

While the United States struggles to deal with issues of severe poverty, they still get annoyed that Hugo Chavez will sell our poor people cheap heating oil.

Why Can’t We Help Our Own Poor?
Despite all the references to charity and helping the impoverished in the bible, this country, founded on Judeo/Christian values can’t seem to do anything about the problems. In fact, they seem to only do things politically that make it worse.

And yet, when the Fidel Castro-sympathizer from Venezuela sells the poor in this country heating fuel at a 40% discount, he is berated by Washington. The ever-popular John McCain called him a “Venezuelan whacko.”

I know this issue has been in the news for a while, but I just got around to reading about it, and American’s should be ashamed that their poor are freezing because they can’t afford heating oil, and we have to accept charity from a political enemy.

I guess not ashamed enough to actually do anything about it except call him names.

Current Knitting
Another whole round completed last night.

At this rate, the Accidental Shawl will be done by next Winter.

Picture at the end of the week when I can actually show some progress.

I forgot to mention that I finished the second bobbin of singles with the Blueface Leicester and started the third.

Tan Spinning 02-26-06

If you look closely, you can even see Gage’s feet in the picture, but I don’t count this toward my self-imposed limit on the number of cat pictures I include in the blog.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Franklin asks, “So, when you retire, if you keep on working just for the ducks of it, do you think will stay in the same field (perhaps on a consulting or reduced time basis) or would you try something you’ve always wanted to, but never did – if there is such a thing?”

I would consider doing freelance consulting if I could find a project that was in an interesting place, and had interesting work in my area of expertise. Especially if some of the folks I have worked with in the past could vouch for the client. But those circumstances aren’t overly likely. Most likely, I would look to try to co-own a yarn store in my area and work on the web part of the business. I don’t think I would look for any unexplored new hobbies (except for weaving or perhaps skydiving).

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