queerjoe confession

Confession Time

Bless me Father, for I have sinned…

My Shame
Ann Marie asked if I had read the article on impeachment in the latest Harpers magazine.

I have to admit, like our incompetent president, I don’t read newspapers or magazines.

Yes, it’s true, I have never enjoyed getting my news from a daily newspaper, and even though I subscribed to the monthly gay news magazine (The Advocate) for a number of years, I hardly ever read it.

Mostly I get my news from television, radio and the internet.

I like reading, and do at least some reading every day, but I only read books and only for pleasure.

Now you know my guilty little secret.

Political Cause
Bill Napoli is the biggest asshole since Rick Santorum. Check out Carol’s blog for details.

Current Knitting
Making slow but steady progress on the Accidental Shawl.

I also couldn’t wait to start the swatch of the new sweater.

Orange Uno Swatch


Below the yellow line, I used a smaller needles and got a dense fabric. Above the line is the same stitch, except looser, on a bigger needle.

Everyone to whom I’ve shown the swatch agrees the tighter fabric is better for this yarn (as do I).

Gay Knitting In Albany
I’ve come late to find out that Sydney K. Allen is doing a bi-weekly knitting class at the Capital District Gay & Lesbian Community Center (CDGLCC) in Albany, every other Tuesday night between February 21st and April 4th. Anyone interested in learning can go. I don’t know Sydney, but a friend of mine went and said it was fun.

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