HIV Shame

Shameless Promotions

I have very little need for shame in my life, especially when it comes to promoting friends and family.

Three Causes
There are three things I want to promote in today’s blog entry:

1. A friend and coworker is good friends with the lead singer of an amazing independent band called The Churchills. I’ve heard them perform, and own a few of their CD’s and I personally think their music is quite amazing. The are in a contest right now for the best Indie band, and folks can support them by sending an e-mail to with a subject line of “I Vote For the Churchills”.

Feel free to listen to their music on their site.

2. My sister has started practicing Reiki professionally, and anyone in the suburbs South of Boston can find out about her Reiki practice on her web site by clicking on the button in the upper left column of this web page. She’s a Reiki master, and while I’ve been practicing Reiki for a lot longer, I’m no where near as talented as she is (I’m also only trained to the second level of three).

3. Finally, MoveOn is asking for support for an important election initiative which I feel is very worthy. Please consider supporting them.

Current Knitting
Does this look ANY different?

Lace Knitting 03-10-06

If this thing doesn’t grow enough by tomorrow, I’m just going to cast off and call it a shawl.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the swatch and associated sweater design, k asks “Will this be a (for want of a better word) formal sweater?”

I’m not quite sure what you mean. It will probably be a crew-neck pullover, with set-in sleeves, knit flat and sewn up.

Also regarding the same sweater, Carol S. asks, “Is this sweater going to be for you, Joe? Because I think that color will look good on you.”

The sweater will probably be for both Thaddeus and I. Actually, this color isn’t a very good color for me, but all I have to do is wear it with a bright blue shirt underneath, and it works like a charm. I love being able to wear interesting colors, and most times when the “interesting color” isn’t very good on me, all I have to do is find a complementary colored shirt to wear under it that I do look good in and it solves my problem.

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