Google Tips

Google is an amazing thing. Have you ever been pissed off with a company because you couldn’t reach a live customer service agent on the phone. Or have you ever been trying to insert HTML in your blog, but couldn’t figure out how?

Google It
A couple of times when dealing with on-line companies I couldn’t accomplish what I needed to on the company’s web site, and when I tried to find a number to call, I couldn’t find one anywhere. The first was when I was trying to cancel my AOL account, the most recent time, was when I was having a ridiculously hard time placing an order with Amazon.

I learned a great search tip.

Type “ sucks” (e.g. “Amazon sucks”) in the Google search window, and you’ll be amazed at the information you can find.

Anytime I’ve tried this, I’ve found an enormous amount of information on how to contact customer service or resolve problems that the companies typically try to keep lees than public. This includes direct customer service phone numbers and e-mails as well as tips to navigating their sometimes less-than-user-friendly web pages.

Current Knitting
Well, the knitting is finished on the Accidental Shawl, but I still have to bind off a very long edge.

I looked in Heirloom Knitting to see the best way of binding off fine-gauge lace, and they suggest the “kitchnering off” method to give the bind-off a loose, stretchy edge. I started using this method and had only finished binding off about 10 stitches, and I’m starting to regret this decision.

Oh well, I’ll carry on.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the Accidental Shawl, Fredda asks, “What are the dimensions of the scarf?”

It’s over five feet long and will hopefully be about 2 feet wide. We’ll see how it turns out once it’s blocked.

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