Beware The Ides

Upstate New York is back to normal with snow and blustery cold winds, work is coming to a frenetic peak, I have what feels like a pulled muscle in my neck and upper back that just won’t seem to go away, we have a moron in the oval office and I’m just tired as hell.

Spring is Around The Corner
As James Frey’s friend tells him in rehab, when it gets difficult (if you can believe anything he says), just hold on and it will get better.

I must admit, I’m banking on that.

Although, when I compare my life with other folks, I do realize how lucky I am. It’s just one of those days when the crap just seems to get me down.

Enough whining.

Current Knitting
I made it to the end of the not-long-enough-tail that I was using for binding off. I figured I could give you a picture of what the shawl looks like a little more spread out than I could while the entire outer edge was on a circular needle.

Overall, I’m rather pleased with the outcome, and I’m very much looking forward to finishing the bind-off and blocking this project. Perhaps one of my sisters will want to borrow it for an upcoming cousin’s wedding in April.

New Project
I’m doing the calculations for casting on for the new sweater, and I was thinking how useful it would be to have Sweater Wizard.

Not that I need it, but it’s nice to be able to type in the basic information, generate a pattern, lengthen the body and shorten the sleeves a little and then print off a pattern.

Tonight I will cast on for the new sweater. That’s always an exciting time.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thank you all for you very honest comments to the post yesterday. It’s frightening to realize the number of folks affected by what seems to be an epidemic of abuse and the damage it causes.

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