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Technical Progress

For those of you who go through the queerjoe.com, you’ll notice that you’re not getting the temporary redirect page.

Progress, Not Perfection
Ideally what I’d like to do is point the queerjoe.com domain name to my blog, and have it keep the queerjoe.com URL at on the URL address line, but that doesn’t seem to be possible.

In trying to research how to do that, I found this thing called a 301 Permanent Redirect function that allows me to forward all users going to queerjoe.com to my blog without using an HTML meta tag redirect.

Now, if anyone can tell me how to point my queerjoe.com domain to queerjoe.blogs pot.com, I’d consider it perfect.

Knitting Royalty
Through my work at Tomato Factory, Simply Knit and by writing this blog, I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to meet a lot of amazingly creative and popular knitwear designers.

Yesterday, I go to have lunch with Lucy Neatby of Tradewind Designs fame.

I got a last minute phone call from Fredda (last minute because of my e-mail’s fault, not Fredda’s) asking if I’d like to meet up with Lucy. Lucy publishes some of her patterns on Fredda’s site, The Knitting Vault. We ended up speinding over two hours chatting about knitting and design and the knitting business world. Lucy is incredibly knowledgeable in all of those areas. It was great spending time with both Lucy and Fredda.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera or my knitting with me, so I couldn’t snap pictures or compare my hat with Lucy’s “mindless knitting.” Lucy’s version of mindless knitting is a diagonally knit, beaded scarf. It was quite lovely, and as soon as the pattern shows up on the Knitting Vault, I will own it.

Both Lucy and I agreed that we couldn’t possibly imagine why more designers don’t self-publish their knitting designs on the Knitting Vault. It doesn’t prevent them from selling the patterns elsewhere, and generates ongoing income for a one time upload effort. Seems like kind of a no-brainer to all three of us at lunch.

Current Knitting
Slacker that I am, I haven’t quite finished the faux-rib cap. I have gotten past a few rounds of shaping, so it’s going faster.

Ribbed Hat 03-22-06

Suffice it to say, I will definitely finish this project tonight.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thanks to all who contributed to the comments on the dismal state of healthcare in this country. I honestly used to think that having a government bureaucracy in charge of national healthcare was kind of scary, but I can’t imagine it could be worse than the current greedy corporate model.

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