Ribbon Scarf

Jealousy and Envy

Envy is a feeling about what others have which we do not have. Jealousy is a feeling about what we have which we want to keep for ourselves. Envy is a desire to possess what another has and jealousy is a refusal to share what one possesses.

Blog Envy
Blog friend Franklin has made a meteoric rise in the knit-blogdom, and rightfully so. His writing is clever and witty. He is very ingratiating to his readers and to other bloggers. And he has volunteered his ample talents of drawing and design to causes such as the Knit Blog Awards and the Knitting Olympics.

Having just heard Franklin guest-host the Cast-On podcast, created and hosted regularly by Brenda Dayne, I have to admit, I grow more and more envious of his talents each new thing he does.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to have a very intelligent, funny and creative readership, and I would find it overwhelming to have to satisfy the masses that read more popular blogs, like Stephanie’s and Franklin’s.

But I still envy Franklin his talents and humor.

Current Knitting
Since Fredda questioned whether my nice, shiny, new knitting needles actually worked, I decided I needed to take them for a test drive.

Ribbon Scarf

I used the largest set of needles (US17) and worked with the nylon/acrylic ribbon I got on clearance at JoAnn’s last week. The needles worked perfectly fine, and I will definitely use these needles in public as much as I can.

I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I was a geek just because I knit in public. These needles should take care of that.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding my lunch with Lucy Neatby, Mama Lu asks, “Speaking of which, what colour was her hair?”

It was royal blue and purple, and quite lovely.

Regarding the faux rib hat, Seanna Lee asks, “The hat looks fairly thick. Does this slip stitch pattern make a nice thick warm hat or more of an early spring hat in the yarn you used?”

I used a US5 needle and worsted weight yarn. The result was a dense, thick fabric that is warm and holds its shape.

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