I Got Nothin’…

…nothing left at all.

When Blogging Is Hard
When I have the time to get a lot of knitting done, or I’m working on fast projects, or I have time to buy lots of new yarn, or when I have time to meet up with other knitting friends, or when I have time to review knitting magazines or when I have time to follow the idiotic politics of the current conservative assholes. That’s when blogging is easy.

When I find it difficult to fit in time to pee and I haven’t see Thaddeus for over two weeks. That’s when blogging is hard.

Current Knitting
There are two things I try to always schedule into my day. Knitting and reading. So even though I haven’t been able to allocate much time to either, I have made some progress on my knitting since last I blogged.

I know it’s not much (and the picture is awful), and I’m hoping that this week will offer a little more free time, but I am still very much in love with this project and the yarn I’m using.

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