More Hypocrisy

I don’t get it…why would this moron president expect that the U.S. public would trust him to appropriately use the illegal power of accessing our telephone reocrds?

Valerie Plame’s A U.S. Spy
Oops…I slipped.

Yeah, Bush is the prick who got revenge on a diplomat who told a truth the president didn’t like, authorized Cheney to release dangerously secret information and minimally ruined Ms. Plame’s career and possibly put Ms. Plame’s life in danger.

And yet, we can trust this administration to only use private phone records to fight terrorism?

I can only imagine the dirt he could dig up and use against people that piss him off.

And why the hell aren’t the NRA and other conservative groups infuriated by this? I hear all the time that “It’s a consitutional right to bear arms,” and yet it’s okay to completely obliterate any right to privacy.

This nation should be storming the capital with torches and pitchforks to oust this ballsy bastard.

Ahh…I Feel Better Now…Thanks…And for Knitting
I made some good headway on the Faux Rib sweater.

This picture shows that I finished the back of the sweater, and completed the first inch of the front.

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