New Skills

I’ve always known I was a geek, and I take some pride in that, but getting excited about learning a new technical skill just seems to take it to a new level.

Bettering Myself?
I’m teaching myself a new skill in learning how to code PHP web pages, and I can’t tell you how exciting it is when a page I create as part of an exercise actually works like it’s supposed to. For the techno-tards out there, I actually created a MySQL database and connected to it using PHP.

My next project will be a survey page that will collect data. I will use it as a prototype for the second annual Knit Blog Awards at the end of the year.

Try not to get overexcited on my behalf about this. It will be very telling of the kind of person you are.

Weekend Wedding
My sister got married this past weekend, and I got the chance to see a lot of my family, which is always fun. I actually enjoy being around them quite a bit.

I took some pictures during the ceremony, but I was too far away for the flash to work. As a result, I have no useable pictures of the groom, so I’ll post a picture of the bride (my sister) and her three daughters (my nieces).

Weekend Spinning
In addition to the wedding and the knitting I posted about yesterday, I also got a little bit of spinning time in.

I finished the first large bobbin of singles using the Romney-like wool, and then started my second bobbin.

Double-plied, this will come out to be about worsted weight, I’m guessing.

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