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Okay, this PHP shit is FUN…well, at least for a geek it is.

A Foray Into The New (For Me)
I’m teaching myself PHP and related technical skills so I can write the on-line ballot for the 2006 Knit Blog Awards at the end of the year (as I mentioned yesterday). I decided to start off slowly, with a brief reader survey to see if I could put together some of the tools I’ll need. This is my first pathetic attempt.

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Personal Wounds – With Pictures
Other – Note Below

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Franklin, and then echoed by Marilyn asks, “May I ask, what book/manual/whatever are you using to teach yourself PHP?”

There are a bunch of free, on-line tutorials, but the one that I found most useful as a technically-inclined, but not-so-talented beginner was at

Jacquie ends her comment yesterday with, “I knew you were a techie.”

Actually, I’m a techie-wannabe, but I would never want to put in all the rigor associated with real programming. Way too detailed for me.

Regarding the Grist chart I posted, Carrie asks, “Anyway, doesn’t the yardage per pound depend on the fiber you’re spinning? Cotton is said to be much heavier than wool of the same thickness; does the yardage range take different fiber weights into account, or do the fibers really not differ as much as I think they do”

I’m not too sure. I’m sure some of the real spinners could answer this better, but I would guess that tightness of the twist and loft would have a lot of impact on these numbers as well.

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