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Final Geek Installment

I won’t torture the less geeky among my readers with any more talk of PHP coding and all the excitement that surrounds it after today.

Survey Results
The results page was by far the most challenging of all my PHP coding. Writing SQL against the results database and displaying it in PHP turned out to be a very persnickety exercise.

Check it out here, if you care about the results.

A couple other things about it. First, I cut off some of the “Other” comments, which I’ll have to remember for future PHP pages. Second, you can still vote (or vote again) and the results page will refresh with the new data.

I do have a few more exercises I need to work on to be ready to program the ballot for the Knit Blog awards, but I won’t be discussing it on the blog.

Current Knitting
I’m not sure why, but progress at this point on the Faux Rib sweater doesn’t look impressive, despite how much I’ve gotten done on the front.

Faux Rib 06-01-06

This is actually over eight inches of knitting, but it looks just like the picture of about five inches.

Mushroom Quilt
I’ve modified my template so that the top and bottom of the mushroom are both four inches tall. This will allow me to be a little more flexible in the layout of the blocks on the quilt.

I tested out the template with a quick cut, sew and iron, and I’m pleased with the result.

Mushroom Quilt Test Square

When I take my time and sew up the pieces carefully, it will look even better. Now I just have to come up with a layout that I’m pleased with and go fabric shopping at Liza’s (always the best part).

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the link from the survey confirmation page back to my blog, Corster noted, “You’ve gotta check your hyperlink (or redirect code) and change the link from “https://queerjoe.com/” to “http://queerjoe.blog spot.com” if you want the reader to return to your blog.”

I honestly thought queerjoe.com would route folks automatically to queerjoe.blog spot.com. I’d be interested to hear about folks where this isn’t working correctly.

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