Saying Goodbye

This is my last month in Albany, and after over 3 years, it is going to be hard to say goodbye to the folks up here.

Expressing Sadness
I’m not overly good at, nor fond of public displays of sadness. This evening, a group of guys I’ve gotten friendly with in Albany are having a going away dinner at one of the local restaurants. Now I really have to face how much I’ve grown to be good friends with some of them, and how painful it will be to leave. The best I can hope is that I can express myself sincerely and make sure they know how much they mean to me.

At the end of the month, my coworkers will be having another going away dinner on my behalf, which will be equally as difficult to deal with from an emotional perspective. I usually consider it extremely unprofessional when folks cry at work, but I think this can be considered an exception to that rule.

Current Knitting
Made some incremental progress on the Faux Rib sweater. I’ve also come up with a way of sewing this garment up that might make it reversible. At least I’ve come up with a way to do the side seams and the neck. Now I just have to think through the shoulders and sleeve seams.

Other Weekend Fiber Activity
I felt like Rumplestiltskin this past weekend. Despite a full day spent with Thaddeus’ family on Saturday, I was still able to spin up a full bobbin of singles using the white Romney.

If I stick to this pace, it will take me a little over 14 weeks to finish spinning up the rest of this fiber.

Readers’ Comment/Questions
Thanks for all your comments on the Knitting Day Out events. I’m glad to hear that they are a lot less sinister in motive than I thought. And knitting at the Opera House in Sydney sounds so wonderfully gay. While I probably won’t ever participate in one of these events, your comments have allowed me a change in sentiment about these events. Thanks.

Reader “x” notes, “YOU ATE and liked a green colored dessert made with pistacio flavored instant pudding and teeny tiny marshmallows called Watergate Salad? FEH!
Next you will tell us you enjoy NASCAR.”

NASCAR??? Is that a new sex act I’ve never heard of?

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