Required Viewing

I always thought I kept up with things pretty well, and then I went to see An Inconvenient Truth this past weekend…you know, the Al Gore movie on global warming.

I had no idea how bad things were, nor how close this moron of a president has brought us to his version of the rapture as we seem to be right now.

I don’t usually assign homework for blog readers, but anyone that reads this blog that was as unaware of the imminent dangers of global warming should go see Gore’s movie as soon as possible. There will be a quiz.

I walked out of the movie thinking that while issues like gay marriage and tapping phone lines and hitting the 2,500 dead soldier milestone are important, they pale in comparison to the danger of our current situation. The other thing I kept thinking is that we need to get Al Gore elected as president of this country. If for no other reason, than to provide some leadership on this critical issue.

Please go see the movie.

Current Knitting
I’ve made it up to the neck shaping and I’m almost to the shoulder shaping on the front/right shoulder.

I should be able to easily finish the front of this sweater this week and start on the sleeves.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding crying at work, Angie comes up with P.M.T. (is that the same as our PMS?) as a valid reason for crying.

I didn’t say don’t cry at work…go ahead and have at it. Express your feelings as fully as you need to. Just don’t expect folks to take you seriously as a professional. I work with a lot of woman, and I have never worked with even one who cried because of stress or PMS who made it to the executive level…coincidence?…I think not.

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