Live Music

I got the opportunity to see another live performance this past Monday night and there’s nothing like it.

Good Fortune
While in Albany, I’ve had the good fortune to be friends of the host of a gay-themed radio show, who was also asked to be a judge in the Out-Music Awards this year.

He has a network of friends who know the national GLBT music scene, and as a result, I always feel like I’m getting insider information when he tells me about a local performance of someone who is up and coming in the music world.

Namoli Brennet is one of those performers.

Namoli CDs

She performed in an intimate coffee house in Troy, NY and her voice conveyed either a mournful sadness, or a bold protest or a soft sweetness, depending on the song, and I walked out of the coffee house that night feeling joy for having had the opportunity to hear her.

Having been plugged into the live music scene in upstate New York, it’s made me realize I need to start searching it out more in my hometown area.

For those of you in the Capital District area of New York who are interested in checking out live music, the Progressions Music Series is a good place to start. Incredibly friendly and appreciative of innovative, great music, the organizers of these mini-concerts make all feel welcome.

Current Knitting
I was able to finish the right side of the front of the Faux Rib sweater and started work on the left side.

Moving right along on schedule, perhaps I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

Current Reading
I just finished an inspirational book of compiled quotes by Thomas Jefferson called Light and Liberty.


I was given a signed copy of the book by my brother-out-of-law this past Christmas, and I was finally able to insert it into my limited reading schedule. The book is set up in short chapters by category, and the editor, Eric Petersen, culled through thousands of letters of this great statesmen and included small excerpts that detail an extremely wise and pragmatic man, one who I’m very glad was involved in shaping our country. It’s not an easy read, as the writing style is from the period and required a lot of my concentration. But I found reading it highly worthwhile and come away with a stronger desire to have our country head back in the direction intended by our forebears.

Readers’ Comment/Questions
Valerie notes, “Global warming is one of the issues that leaves us feeling most helpless, I think.”

I thought the same thing until I saw the movie (An Inconvenient Truth) and now I feel as though I have some impact. Read Eunice’s comments from the other day for some very reasonable things we can start to do.

Valerie also asks, “The Romney is lovely. Are you going to dye it or use it in its natural color?”

I have enough to do both, but right now I’m thinking about dyeing it (or, more specifically, having it dyed).

Concerning my interpretation of his comments, Mel writes, “I don’t know that my viewpoint could be properly characterized as “fuck ’em”. I decided it was a bit much to put in comments, so I posted in more detail here.”

I did completely misinterpret Mel’s comments, and I’m very grateful that he has taken the time to clarify. I’m also quite impressed with his viewpoint on this issue.

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