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Last Week in Albany is Very Hectic

Final Days
Critical presentations to executive management, tight deadlines for system updates, finalizing outstanding documentation and finalizing ongoing contracts are keeping me extremely busy at work.

Add to that, saying goodbye to good friends, packing up critical papers in my desk and getting sick yesterday with some sinus, chest cough, respiratory thing…I am a bit overwhelmed.

But that doesn’t affect you…I just wanted to whine.

Current Knitting
I finished the front of the Faux Rib sweater and started on the first sleeve.

I wasn’t looking forward to working the first sleeve because it meant that I had to do all the calculations for length and increases, but it really didn’t take that much work. Sleeves can be some of the most boring part of a sweater project.

Other Fiber Stuff
When I start getting toward the end of a project, I look for any possible distraction or new project. So I started a little test project.

This is a crochet pattern known as Corner to Corner that Thaddeus’ grandmother used to crochet afghans for many of her family, and Thaddeus has one that she knit for him. I’ve always wanted to try out this pattern stitch, so I thought I’d make a rather large swatch from leftover baby blanket yarn.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Liza notes, “Regarding your light placement issues: Why don’t you stop before you’re parked under the light?”

It seems unnatural to stop 10 feet behind the stop line at a light. I almost feel as thought drivers behind me would honk if I stopped back that far.

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