I’m most apt to start a new project during the most boring part of a current project…the second sleeve>

I’ve always said the knitting doesn’t take patience, it takes perserverance.

And when I get to the second sleeve of a fine gauge sweater, like the Faux Rib, it takes all the perserverance I can muster to make myself finish it. Especially when I have other projects in the wings that I’m itching to get started on.

I’ve heard some folks knit both sleeves at the same time, and I’ve tried this, but it just makes the sleeve knitting even longer-feeling, in my opinion. Fortunately, my knitting isn’t a necessity for me to stay warm during a cold winter, or to keep my family warm. Actually, with that kind of incentive, knitting the final sleeve might get done a little less grudgingly.

Current Knitting
Well, as I mentioned, I finished the first sleeve of the Faux Rib, and now I’ve just barely started the second sleeve.

I am really forcing myself to stick with this project until it’s completed, but I have one other urgent fiber-related item that came Friday, that I also have to finish. I’ll blog about that tomorrow.

Gay Sensibility
I know Lisa would disagree, but I think some gay boys just have a better sense of color and beauty than their straight counterparts. We had a friend over on Saturday, and Thaddeus picked up these gladiolas (gladioli?) at the local farm market.

I loved the color combination…it reminded me of one of the small floral print fabrics that I got at Liza’s for my quilt.

You’ll also notice there’s an orchid on the left side of the picture which is just about to bloom again and below that, one of our many mushroom-related items in the house.

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