Perserverance Pays Off

Well, it’s not on my current knitting project, but on the long-awaited snowball quilt that I sent off for finishing a while ago.

Quilt Accomplis
Yes, you are the first to see the completed quilt, and the finisher, Teresa, did a spectacular job on it. Here are some pictures.

I loved the way she did embedded, circular spirals in each “snowball” to accentuate the roundness (even though there’s not a rounded edge in the entire quilt). Her four-petaled design in each of the corner diamonds looks great as well.

Teresa sewed the binding on to the top of the quilt, but felt it would be better if I hand-appliqued the binding to the back. I got the finished quilt via UPS on Friday evening, and finished the binding last night.

Overall, I am very happy with my first attempt at quilting. Now I have to figure out my next quilt project with my quilting guru, Liza.

Current Knitting
I focused most of my attention on the binding of the quilt, so I didn’t get a whole lot of knitting done yesterday. I did do a few rows on the second sleeve.

Current Reading
Since being on vacation allows me to take a little more time with my reading, I’ve completed reading two books in the last week.

The Burn Journals by Brent Runyon is a wonderful and emotional book that describes in simple writing the pain of adolescence. Reading his journal of recovery from a suicide attempt allowed me to see his life from both my own view of adolescence, as well as from his parents’ view and even his friends’ and brother’s.

The Boy From The Basement by Susan Shaw is a fictional account of child abuse, and recovery in a foster home. I don’t know much about child abuse, but both the abuse and the recovery in a foster home seemed contrived and a little too perfect for my tastes. I imagine the process of recovering from such awful abuse would be a helluva lot more messy, without the perfectly insightful psychologist, foster mother and foster brother the author puts the victim with. This book was clearly written for an audience that likes their stories tied up neatly with a bow.

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