Electronic Reliance

It’s amazing how reliant I am on all things electric.

Cable Outage
I get my television reception and internet access through my local cable company…thank goodness I don’t get my phone service from them.

Recent storms knocked out electricity in some areas around where I live for over a day. As part of that, my cable provider also seemed to be having difficulties, and I was without internet access or cable television for over a day as well.

The television I was glad to do without. I have full access to any and all DVD’s and videos through Thaddeus if I care to keep myself occupied with the television set.

The internet is another thing. Inconveniences like not being able to post a blog or read friends’ blogs were minor annoyances. But not being able to work remotely with my client’s computer network really sucked. I was getting quite frustrated, until Thaddeus suggested that I use dial-up…it hadn’t even occurred to me. Although it was at some times painfully slow, and I couldn’t attend a phone conference and be dialed in, it got the job done.

Amazing how spoiled I can get in a matter of years. I remember when I first used dial-up, I was connecting at 2,400 BAUD, if I could connect at all.

Current Knitting
The paint continues to dry as I’ve reached about 15 inches on the sleeve, and I’ve completed the increases. One more inch without shaping, and then two more inches of sleeve cap shaping. Almost done…really.

Other Fiber-Related Work
I’ve done a bit more work on the five or so pounds of white mystery fiber that I got for my birthday. In additional to plying up yet another hank of yarn, I’ve also got two more full bobbins of spun singles ready to be plied.

It made me laugh when Marilyn was over last week. When she first saw this yarn on my blog, she thought it might be good to use to design an Aran sweater. When she saw it in person, she was a bit less enthusiastic about it, although she still thought it was perfectly fine, ordinary wool yarn.

Here’s how much I still have yet to spin.

Current Reading
I just finished one of my favorite summer books so far, The Odd Sea by Frederick Reiken.

The book has a writing style that I just love, that reminded me of the writing in Life of Pi by Yann Martel. It’s simple writing, but done with exquisite style. Each time I’d pick up the book, I’d find myself transported to the lush, verdant hill area of Western Massachusetts. The life of discovery that the author goes through is almost magical, and a wonderful read.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding my mushroom foraging, Julie asks, “i’m curious about the black ones – i haven’t tried those – what are they like?”

I dont’ remember having tried them either. They are actually a milder tasting version of the Chantarelle mushroom, with a more woodsy flavor. Tricky Tricot is right when he says to use them by themselves in an omelette. They add significantly to the flavor without being overpowering.

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